ELGEF Plus Ball Valve

ELGEF Plus Ball Valve

ELGEF Plus Ball Valve

The line of ELGEF Plus ball valves from GF Piping Systems has been specially designed for use in underground gas distribution piping systems.

The ball valve is made entirely of plastic and is therefore resistant to corrosion. Thanks to the homogenous, reliable and leak-free jointing method of electrofusion the complete piping network can be constructed in PE.

Based on a service life of well over 50 years, maintenance is not required. Because they are compatible with the ELGEF Plus system, the ball valves can be implemented flexibly and connecting them to other components in the modular ELGEF Plus system is simple with all the options available.

Online CatalogFields of Application:

  • Gas and Water distribution
  • industrial pressure applications
  • distribution lines
  • house connections


  • Effective ball seal for a safety reserve
  • Low actuating torque for easy operation
  • Triple O-ring seal to cover extreme operating conditions
  • Traceability barcode (d20–d110 mm) for complete traceability of all
  • Maintenance-free
  • Easy connection of extension spindle according to the uniform standard DVGW GW336
  • Additions to piping system are cost-efficient with compatible components from the ELGEF Plus modular system


  • EN1555-4
  • DVGW VP302
  • DVGW GW336
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